Friday, December 5, 2008


I know that it's been forever since I've written an entry here, but honestly, I've felt a little uninspired. Nothing new, nothing exciting going on at all. Which, isn't bad...just not post-worthy. Well friends, that all changed very recently. Jeff and I have some very exciting news to share with everyone! We're going to be parents!! PUPPY PARENTS!!!!

Meet our new puppy! We don't have a name yet, but that's okay because it'll still be a few weeks until she's old enough to come home with us! She is a Morkie-poo, a mix of Maltese, Yorkie and poodle, and she's about the cutest thing I've ever seen!! She is so little, you can almost fit her in your pocket. Or eat her, which is tempting because she IS SO CUTE!!!! I know I might be a little biased, but come on! Look at that sweet face!

So, here's where I need your input. I have some names I'm tossing around, Violet (because I really want to name a child that, but there's no way Jeff will allow it), Ruby, and Pearl. I like the idea of naming her a "people name" but not necessarily a name that a lot of people have. You know, not like Kathy or Linda or Phyllis, because seriously? Can you imagine calling that out loud? What do you all think? I'm open to ideas! You know what else I'm open to? ANY and ALL advise about puppies. What I should buy, how to house-train, anything! This is literally my very first puppy! I never eve had one as a kid, so I'm pretty clueless, but I know that a lot of you have great advise to give, so don't hold back!!


Jamie said...

Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! The more I think about it, you could still hold out for Violet, Jeff MIGHT change his mind. ;o)

"Aunt" Jamie

Dara Steward said...

I'm so excited for you! Dogs are great! My potty training tips would be to be consistent in offering frequent trips outside and praising them when they do go. One thing I did was hang a jingle bell on a ribbon on the door we went out. When he was little I would ring the bell as we went out. He learned to ring the bell to let me know he needed out instead of barking or scratching the door. Still works great!

I love the name Ruby. That's what we named our female Cavalier while we had her.

mom to 3 boys! said...

How exciting!! I just love dogs! Your little puppy is ADORABLE! I am not good with names but I like Ruby a lot! When I was house training our lab I was just consistent in taking him outside. Have fun!!
I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Matt & Nicole said...

SO cute!! Did you get her from Beau & Kim?
I want to eat her also!

Dara Steward said...

Just wondering if you are still puppy parents?! ;o) How are you?